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Moon Journal - 2024 Planner

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Throughout the ages, the Moon has held a special place in the hearts of countless cultures, poets, and dreamers. Its mesmerizing allure has inspired art, music, and stories, captivating the imagination of humanity for thousands of years. As the phases wax and wane, the moon's dance through its monthly cycle becomes a reminder of the cyclical nature of life itself. From the soothing glow of the full moon to the quiet mystery of the new moon, each phase carries its unique charm and symbolism, stirring emotions and awakening a sense of connectedness to the cosmos.

Understanding the Moon's phases and incorporating them into our lives has practical benefits as well. Planning your month according to the Moon's cycles can offer a sense of alignment and intentionality. Whether it's planting seeds during the waxing moon or setting intentions under the new moon, syncing with the moon allows us to tap into its powerful energy and make the most of each phase.

Additionally, keeping a Moon journal can provide valuable insights into your own emotional and mental patterns. By tracking your moods, dreams, and experiences alongside the moon's movements, you may discover patterns and connections that help you better understand yourself and your place in the grand tapestry of the cosmos.

This year journal includes illustrations from my Flowers and Feelings oracle deck, that was inspired and created right in the center of my garden. Thank you dear reader for picking up Moon Journal and allowing me to share this magic with you. Hope 2024 will be one for the books. Happy moon-gazing and journaling!

What's inside:
- 2023 reflections & 2024 goal setting
- New Moon Intention setting
- Full Moon names, history, journal prompts, space for reflection
- Monthly Waning Moon Gratitude List
- Wheel of the year Holidays, history, journal prompts, space for reflection
- Monthly overview
- And more

- Matte hardcover with soft and velvet finish
- Stunning gold foil details on the cover
- Gold gilding
- 300 full-color pages
- Ribbon to mark your pages
- A5 size (1.5 lb. / 600 grams)
- Full / New Moon dates are based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
- Designed for Northern Hemisphere only


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