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Witch's Bath Book


You probably have taken a ritual bath, or bath spell, hundreds of times, without even realizing it. Intuitively picking ingredients, setting intention, lighting a candle, adding healing elements. A ritual bath is not the number of candles you put around your bath. A true ritual bath starts with a decision to carve some time out just for yourself, to heal your body and mind, go deeper inward, find clarity, or to make self-care and self-love a priority.

Water is a super powerful and magical element by itself and when you add an intention and another magical element to it (like flowers, herbs, crystals, or salt), you can create a wide range of effects: healing, manifesting, recharging, releasing, etc. By sitting and being fully present in the water, you absorb all the qualities of the elements you are bathing in. Truly magical.
This book was inspired by the healing power of water, the witchy wisdom that my mother passed on to me, and the rhythms of nature and the Moon.

What's inside:
- Baths for different moon phases
- Baths to celebrate wheel of year holidays
- Baths to connect with your inner-witch
- Foot baths & shower rituals
- List of favorite witchy ingredients and their meaning, to inspire and help you create your own baths
- And more

- Matte hardcover
- 260 pages
- size: 9 by 7 inches (2.5 lb/ 1.1 kg)

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