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Tarot Workbook


Workbook for Moon Witch Tarot 🌙

This magic Tarot Workbook does not give you all the answers or card interpretations; instead, it provides you with a safe space and time to discover the answers on your own. Rather than focusing on theory, guidelines or complicated interpretations, use this book to find a way to personally connect with your cards. Connect with every archetype in the deck. Find parallels between symbols and elements, and between colors and numbers. Trust your intuition. Invite your guides to speak through the cards.

This Tarot Workbook features 2 pages spread for each tarot card, that can be filled in at your own pace. Let your inner-wisdom flow through your fingertips and onto this paper.


- Matte hardcover with soft and velvet finish
- Stunning gold foil details on the cover
- Gold gilding
- 200 pages
- Ribbon to mark your pages
- A5 size

Tarot Workbook is available in black and pink color, just like the deck ( inner pages are the same).

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