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Moon Journal - 2023 Planner

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2023 Planner with a focus on moon phases and personal growth.

Moon represents our inner-world, our feelings, desires, emotions, intuition. And it is deeply connected to the Divine Feminine energy.

It might look like the Moon is changing shape each night - from a tiny sliver to a full moon and back again. But in reality, the only thing that changes is the amount of light we see here on Earth. These changes are known as the phases of the Moon. Every phase of the Moon has its own unique energy and lasts approximately 3.5 days.
This journal will guide you through the Lunar cycle each month and help you connect with and harness the energy of each moon phase.


- Matte hardcover with soft and velvet finish
- Stunning gold foil details on the cover
- Gold gilding
- 250 pages
- Ribbon to mark your pages
- A5 size (1.5 lb. / 600 grams)
- Full / New Moon dates are based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
- Designed for Northern Hemisphere only

What's inside:
- 2022 reflections & 2023 goal setting
- New Moon Intention setting
- Full Moon names, history, journal prompts, space for reflection
- Monthly Waning Moon Gratitude List
- Wheel of the year Holidays, history, journal prompts, space for reflection
- Mercury Retrograde dates and reminders
- Monthly overview
- And more