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Forest Tales Oracle deck - Moon Witch series

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As you shuffle the deck, imagine the earthy aroma of moss beneath your feet, the gentle breeze through the treetops, and perhaps a bird’s love song. Each card is a portal to the unseen world of the forest, where every creature, every plant, and every spirit is a guide, messenger, teacher, and friend.

Whether you seek guidance, inspiration, or a simple moment of connection, let the cards and all the creatures and spirits of the forest be your companions. Allow the wise owl, the playful fox, and the ancient oak to share their insights. 

Whether you are an experienced oracle card reader or a newcomer to this mystical art, this humble deck invites you to tap into the ancient wisdom of the forest. Forest Tales Oracle Deck includes healing plants, animals, forest spirits, shapeshifters, Gods and Goddesses, and treasures that can be found in the forest. Most of the cards in this deck were inspired by old fairytales and myths – some common, some rare.

What's inside:
- 40 cards printed on high quality 350 gsm art paper. Cards are 3.5 by 5 inches, thick with smooth matte finish
- Stunning gold foil details and gold edges
- Full-color guidebook. Each card offers a few journal prompts to help you further connect with the themes of the card
- Sturdy box
- Great for beginners
- And of course a dash of magic.